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Exploring the High-Tech World and Legacy of Spider-Man 2099

Spiderman 2099 aka Miguel O’Hara was born in New York City, which is then known as Nueva York. He was brought up by his mother Conchata along with his younger brother Gabirel, and his abusive father George O’Hara. As an adolescent, Miguel is given enrollment into the Alchemax school for gifted youngsters as he possessed prodigy-level intelligence.

He, later, goes on to become the head of the genetics program of Alchemax and was motivated to preserve records regarding Spiderman. After a human test subject passes away in an early experiment, Miguel informs Tyler Stone, Vice-President of R&D for Alchemax, that he intends to leave Alchemax and stop working on genetics. Tyler Stone convinces Miguel into taking Rapture, a medication that is addictive and creates a genetic tie with its user, rather than letting him go. This forced Miguel to stay back. 

Miguel sneaks into Alchemax to use the gene alteration machines on himself, but the machine was sabotaged by his jealous subordinate Aaron Delgado. The machine altered Miguel’s genetic code to 50% Spider. After having a spider’s genes inserted into his DNA, he developed a number of abilities but also lost his addiction to Rapture.

Miguel was first concerned with finding a treatment for his illness, but as he goes on with his exploits as Spider-Man 2099, he comes to understand how ignorant he was and how he had ignored the suffering and oppression that the world’s companies had brought about. Miguel makes the choice to accept who he is as Spider-Man. Wearing his costume, he declares in the open that he is against all megacorps and that he will use his abilities to defend common people from those in positions of authority who misuse their influence and power.

Dress and act like O’Hara

Spiderman’s persona is naturally witty, humorous and alert. He is also an intelligent and determined individual, ‘hellbent’ would be the perfect word to describe him. Earlier, he wouldn’t have cared about being harsh or unforgiving, but as time passes, Spiderman has become a compassionate and kind-hearted man.

The Spiderman costume was created by Miguel using a suit that he already had in his closet. It was originally a costume for the Day of the Dead celebration, which he later refashioned into his signature spiderman suit. 

He designed the suit using Unstable Molecule fabric, which made the costume highly durable and accommodated the use of Miguel’s talons without tearing through the fabric. He even attached a torn piece of glider cloth to represent a cape. Pretty cool, I would say! The costume seems like a work of art. However, do you know what would be a better work of art? You cosplaying Spiderman 2099! What are you waiting for? Grab your Spiderman costume right now!
Spiderman 2099 (1)
Spiderman 2099 (2)
Spiderman 2099 (3)
Spiderman 2099 (4)
Spiderman 2099 (5)

Portray Spiderman not just through the costume, but also through your actions. 

  • Be Kind: Kindness goes a long way, and Spiderman agrees to that as well. Be kind-hearted and forgiving, and always help those in need.
  • Be determined: If you have something that needs to be done (like dressing up as Spiderman 2099), do it right away!

Just like that, you become the perfect representation of Miguel O’Hara’s Spidrman 2099. So put on that costume and say aloud;

“My name is Miguel O’Hara. I’m this dimension’s one and only Spider-Man. At least I was. But I’m not like the others. I don’t always like what I have to do, but I know I have to be the one to do it. I’ve given up too much to stop now.”

– Miguel O’Hara

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Written by Zahra Farooqui

If not found writing an article, Zahra can be found stopping to pet every single street cat, brewing some coffee, listening to Kun Faya Kun, pondering existentialism or bawling her eyes out to Fleabag. She won't be found finishing her law assignments, something she's actually supposed to be doing.

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