Uncle Ben’s Dear Nephew: Spider-Man

From Ordinary Teen to Iconic Hero: The Enduring Legacy of Peter Parker

Spider-Man is the paragon of sacrifice, altruism and responsibility. Nonetheless, he adopts these traits later on, after his Uncle Ben dies at the hands of a petty thief whose criminal actions he was a witness to but neglected. Eventually, he grows up to be a part of great ventures and starts his own venture- Parker Industries (now defunct). This photographer-cum-scientist also becomes a member of the illustrious Avengers, Fantastic Four, X-Men, Secret Defenders and whatnot. All of these actions are a reflection of what Uncle Ben and Aunt May had taught Peter Parker including the significance of good character and rectitude.

After having been bitten by a radioactive spider, this recluse begins to display his arachnid abilities as well as superhuman capabilities. His life turns completely upside down and that simple sting gives way to unlimited adventures. Despite his marvelous experiences, he continues to be a lone wolf and an outcast who at most begins to get comfortable in his own skin.

While this gawky teenager crawls walls, holds genius intellect; he suffers from considerable agony including the death of his beloved Gwen Stacy, his strongest supporter Captain Stacy and his best friend Harry Osborne. Still, he never hesitates in espousing the capacity of a court jester and making everyone around him split their sides.

Get Suited Up Like Spidey-Guy

Embrace the virtues of this superhero by putting on these elements and awaken your inner champion too:

  • Blue spandex suit with the spider-man logo
  • Red mask
  • Red gloves
  • Red boots

Behaving Like The Arachnid Messiah

  • Embrace good conduct: Being a superhero is all about keeping your heart in the right place and putting yourself at peril for the safety of someone who is distressed.
  • Develop a humorous identity: All of us suffer from one problem or another, never shy away from joking around to lighten everyone’s mood.
  • Relish your own company: Peter Parker’s nature fused into Spider-Man’s and rightly so. He is a loner who is more inclined to be on his own. Don’t hesitate to be solitary at times.

Dialogues To Deliver

“My spider-sense is tingling.”

“Courtesy of your friendly neighborhood Spider-Man!”

“We have to be greater than what we suffer.”

Peter Parker

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