Unmasking Spider-Man Noir: The Dark Hero of the Shadows

Into the Night: Journey with Spider-Man Noir as Justice Wears a Different Shade

Peter Parker was brought up by his aunt and uncle May and Ben Parker during the Great Depression. He was raised with the belief of good over evil. This alternate Spider-Man is a noir-themed interpretation of the superhero who appears in a Great Depression-era New York. Peter became an apprentice for the Daily Bugle, working under Ben Urich, an experienced and respected reporter. Peter received a tip-off, which was not meant for him, which led him to a warehouse where the Goblin’s men were unpacking a shipment of stolen antiques.

One antique in particular, a Spider Idol, broke open upon falling and a swarm of spiders were released, gobbling one of Osborn’s men. One of the spiders ended up biting Peter Parker which led him to pass out. While he was unconscious, he dreamt of a Spider God, Ereshkigal, who granted Peter ‘spider powers’ because he lacked evil intent. Later, Peter also found Urich dead in his house. Parker fights a one-man battle against New York City’s criminal underworld, in part to get revenge for the murders of his mentor Ben Urich and uncle Ben Parker by major crime lord Norman Osborn and cannibal Adrian Toomes, respectively.

Noir’s Costume

The outfit that Spider Man wears here consists of everything black. From a pair of black jeans to a black turtleneck to a black boots and even a black trench coat! Truly diving deep into the essence of Spiderman Noir. Now, wouldn’t you want to dress up as Spidey and beat up some bad men? I would too, only for the all-black, immensely cool outfit. You cannot even make up any excuses saying “But I don’t know where to get the outfit from!”, because that is exactly what we’re here for! Find Spiderman Noir’s entirely assembled outfit right here, in one place. This Noir Spidey outfit consists of everything, including accessories such as a belt, gloves and an eye mask!

Find more outfit options here.
We’re not going to stop giving you options until you are convinced to cosplay Spiderman Noir!
Spiderman Noir (3)
Spiderman Noir (4)

How to act like Noir

One interesting detail about Spiderman Noir is that he becomes obsessed with a Rubik’s Cube because his home dimension had no color, and he takes the cube along with him. Due to his painful past, Peter Parker becomes more willing to kill. He has a dull and gloomy personality and tends to disappear into thin air from crime scenes. When Spiderman had killed the Vulture to avenge the death of his uncle and to protect Aunt May, she condemned it, telling him that killing people will make him less of a human. So when Peter had the chance to kill Osborn, he didn’t. Osborn was, however, later killed by the spider permeated Sergei Kravinoff, a Russian circus performer.

One thing that we can take away from Spiderman Noir is to do whatever we can to gain justice, but without harming anyone in the process. That is all about Spiderman Noir, our not-so-friendly neighborhood Spiderman, but shush, don’t tell him I said that.

Noir’s dialogue

I like to drink egg creams and I like to punch Nazis. A lot.

Noir, Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse

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