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A Vainglorious but Cowardly Captain of the Pirates: Buggy The Clown

Let’s traverse the journey of the Captain of the Buggy Pirates

Marked by an amalgamation of fraternity and rivalry, Buggy starts off his voyage by forming a great bond with Shanks while both are members of the Roger Pirates. Being a part of the Battle of Edd, he certainly is motivated to discover the treasure of One Piece. This not only has implications for our Star Clown, but also the rest of the crew members of the Roger Pirates. Moreover, Gol D Roger’s demise via execution also inspires him to look for the precious treasure.

Eventually, this consumer of Bara Bara no Mi devil fruit amasses some followers (though not as intimidating) to form his own crew- Buggy Pirates, post the disbandment of Roger Crew. During his expeditions, he bumps into Luffy umpteen times and gradually comes to perceive him as a potential Pirate King. Despite his ulterior motives, Buggy adorns an unlikely title of Luffy’s ally and helps him escape the Impel Down. Also, he becomes an accidental hero during the Marineford Arc notwithstanding his narrow self-interests.

A panda-resembling Pirate; Buggy holds the powers of Bara Bara no Mi through which he can split his body into multiple sections (Body Dissembly), let blades past harmlessly through his disjointed body (Slashing Attack Immunity), launch his limbs as projectiles to attack his opponents from a distance (Flying Limbs) and regroup all parts of his body to fight the enemy (Reassembly).

Portraying Buggy: Capturing His Charisma and Chaos

  • Egotistically ambitious: He possesses an aspiration to acquire One Piece and has grand visions about his future.
  • Find your charm: Wherever Buggy goes, he attracts people and followers. Also, he can be quite forceful when it comes to convincing people.
  • Faint-hearted and spiritless: When it comes to facing obstacles, Buggy presses the panic button and flees the premises.

Crafting Buggy’s Look: Key Elements and Styling Tips

  • High clown degree: Buggy wears a colorful and elaborate outfit consisting of a red and white striped puffy shirt which evokes the playful and whimsical nature associated with clowns.
  • Accessorization: He sports a large, round red nose,a wide-brimmed blue hat with a white trim, adorned with a red pom-pom and a Jolly Roger emblem, symbolizing his pirate status.
  • Easy identification : His brightly colored, billowing cape draped over his shoulders adds a dramatic flair to his appearance and further emphasizes his theatrical persona. These elements are his signature in every outfit.

“Do you mean…me?”
“You’re gonna have loose bowels all night long.”

– Buggy, One Piece

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