Embracing the Flash: Transforming into Tengen Uzui

From Sound Hashira to Showy Warrior: Tips, Techniques, and Outfit Essentials for Tengen

This eccentric as well as pizzazzy demon suffered a lot at his father’s hand as a child due to his overzealous training. In total, 7 of his siblings died during the drill after which he left his clan with his three wives- Makio, Suma and Hinatsuru. This 23-year-old shinobi now has sharp senses, especially his hearing, and enhanced tactical skills due to his father’s rigorous preparation. 

Being one of the most indomitable and distinguished demon slayers in the corps, he teams up with Tanjiro Kamado and his cohorts to inspect and neutralize demons in Yoshiwara, the entertainment district. Periodically, Tengen would think of annihilating his entire clan, including his father and remaining siblings.

Tenzin is the Sound-Hashira so he employs his vibrations and sound waves to boost the potency and strength of his sword strikes. His acute sense of hearing is used to detect the presence of demons and to anticipate their next moves during all combats. Being a dynamic swordsman, he can match his opponents’ capabilities and drawbacks in order to achieve victory.  Not only that, he also has a demon-slayer mark which grants him an elite status in his organization.

Portraying Tengen Uzui: From Boisterous Personality to Tactical Genius

  • Outlandish: He is singularly a bizarre demon so due to his strange demeanor, he commands attention wherever he steps his foot.
  • Caring and chivalrous: He tells his multiple wives, multiple times that they must put their lives before him or any mission they get themselves into.
  • Humorous: Tengen is hilarious since he brings levity into any grim situation by injecting humor into his conversations.

Crafting Tengen Uzui’s Look: Essential Pieces and Styling Tips

  • Embellished headpiece: Tengen wears an intricately designed headpiece which adds to his flamboyant appearance.
  • Facial markings: Uzui has several markings on his face which give him a peculiar and unforgettable look.
  • Kimono: He dons a flashy kimono quite often. Excessive presence of colors in his appearance offer him a breathtaking and noticeable appeal.
  • Accessories: Uzui adorns his attire with various accessories such as earrings, bracelets, and necklaces. These trinkets provide him extravagance.

Tengen’s famous words

“I want you three to only think about your own lives. Above all else, your top priority is to come back to me. Life over accomplishing your mission! To be blunt in my flashy way, you three are more important to me. So don’t die on me.”

“First, Worship And Praise Me!”

– Tengen Uzui, Demon Slayer

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