Occasional Intern, Round-The-Clock Spider-Girl: Anya Corazon

Discovering the Power and Potential of Mexican Spider-Girl

After being abandoned in a Mexican desert, she registers the actuality of powers bestowed to her by Miguel Legar- a sorcerer of the Spider Society- the man whose life she saved. Anya Corazon, a teenage gymnast, resides in Earth- 616. She is employed as an ‘intern’ at WebCorps, an organization working covertly as Spider Society. This half Puerto-Rican, half-Mexican begins her journey by battling alongside Nomad, Toro, Gravity and Firestar. 

Anya learns how to tackle complex situations, especially when all New Yorkers develop spider powers. Later, she joins the Avengers Academy and sharpens her spidey-skills. Corazon also valorously defeats the Inheritors with the assistance of all members of the Spider-Verse.

What Constitues Being Anya

  • Focused on academics: Anya, despite her trivial responsibilities such as saving the world, is completely engrossed in her lessons and comes off as an attentive student. Emulate this trait of hers. 
  • Safeguards her things and her people: She shields her invention- carapace armour as if it’s her offspring. Aranya constantly has the worry of her loved ones on her mind. 
  • As cheeky as ever: Her bold and brash behaviour lands her in trouble quite often, Anya she doesn’t shy away from indulging in it. Not only that, she also enjoys not reciprocating the feelings that guys have for her.

Deck Out As Spider-Girl

  • Red-and-blue combo: Anya’s costume features red and blue colors which outline her strength, passion, grit and resilience.
  • Face mask: Her mask only unveils her eyes which grants her an enigmatic and obscure look. 
  • Web-pattern designs: These designs on her getup delineate that Anya belongs to the Spider-Verse.

Corazon’s famous words

“My father once told me there’s no way to get a good story, to do a good job, without embedding yourself in the dirt. So… for better or worse.”

“I may not know what my future holds. But, somehow, I will fully awaken the power that my mother gave me. I will know the truth.”

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Written by Garima Saini

A self-professed nihilist with a strong affinity for cinema, literature, fashion, music and all things creative (in that order). Being a neophyte at the art of content-writing, I always endeavor to engender meaning through whatever little opportunity I get in this domain. An aspiring director of motion pictures with a knack for observation, I marry it with creative writing to weave words and concoct worlds of fascination.

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