Scarlet Spider of Earth-616: The Clone with a Hero’s Heart

Redemption and Resolve: The Unyielding Journey of the Scarlet Spider

Jackal’s brainchild and a clone of Spider-Man, Scarlet Spider (Earth-616) is widely regarded as an ally to Spider-Man and eventually hailed as his only ‘brother’. But before this camaraderie flourished, Scarlet Spider was a supervillain. However, in the recent comics, this blond hero has become Chasm after being manipulated by the nefarious Beyond Corporation. His life trajectory has no less twists and turns than a pretzel; making his demeanor extremely chaotic, aggressive and belligerent. You get brownie points if you guessed that he eventually fell victim to PTSD and memory loss.

The twitter-using, clone-obsessed New Jackal aka Scarlet Spider is responsible for bringing back all the villains of Spider-Man who were earlier thought dead. While we’re talking about morbidity, let’s not forget to mention that he is the sole character that has died more than any other in the Marvel Universe.

Scarlet Spider draped in all-red bodysuit under a blue hoodie

The question arises that having undergone so many ordeals, what is this polymath not capable of doing? The answer is- nada/nothing. He, obviously, has superhuman endurance, strength, flexibility, speed and stamina. Also, after getting impacted by psycho-reactive goo, his defensive spider-sense became offensive. To the uninitiated, we are referring to his prowess to neutralize the danger even before being hurt.

Mirroring the looks

In order to take a leaf out of Scarlet Spider’s book, it is vital to break down his appearance. What you certainly should wear while imitating him:-

  • Red Spandex Suit
  • Red Face Mask
  • Sleeveless Blue Hoodie
  • Utility Belt

Mimicking The Trauma-Stricken Anti-Hero

  • Be as cool as a cucumber: Although Ben is disorderly, he thrives while being in his laid-back behavior. So, always have a calm demeanor in whatever circumstances you are bound to face.
  • Make an effort to be introspective: Someone wisely said- ‘Look inward and you’ll encounter the real world.’ Strive to regularly evaluate yourself and your aims.
  • Cultivate compassion: Become an empath. While he is lost sometimes, Ben eventually discovers the right way. Hence, have some sense of generosity for the public and truly believe in doing things for the greater good.

Hallmarked Dialogues

“Now, I’ve been given a second chance. I’m being shown a better path. A better way… The way of the Scarlet Spider.”

The Scarlet Spider (Earth-616)

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