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Becoming the Revolutionary: Transforming into Sabo

From Noble Origin to Fearless Fighter: Tips, Techniques, and Outfit Essentials for Sabo

A native of Goa Kingdom; while Sabo is born into a noble family, he absolutely loathes his lineage. After running away from his home as well as his ancestry, he lands on Gray Terminal- a massive junkyard located right outside the great gate of Goa that is replete with unwanted things and people including Sabo’s soon-to-be-sworn brothers, Ace and Luffy.

Sabo outlives the attack by Saint Jalmack on his ship and is eventually saved by the leader of the Revolutionary Army. After working under the leader- Dragon, Sabo rises above the ranks, participates in disrupting weapons trade in Dressrosa, reunites with Luffy and shields his crew. What a whirlwind of a life- we know! Also, his detestation for tyranny leads him to conflict with Marine Admirals, the Battle of Reverie.

Adept in Ryusuken (generating shockwaves in order to inflict internal damage on his enemies), Busoshoku Haki (hardening parts of his body), Kenbunshoku Haki (heightening of senses); Sabo wins Mera Mera no Mi (manipulating fire) at the Corrida Colosseum in Dressrosa. He is also proficient in tactical thinking and boasts an enhanced physical as well as mental strength.

Embodying Sabo: Capturing His Determination and Justice

  • Extreme Fidelity: Sabo’s commitment to his brothers Ace and Luffy is indubitable. He goes to great lengths to serve and protect them from any harm.
  • Impartial and morally upright: His moral compass works quite well in situations where there is doubt of what is right or wrong.
  • Formidable yet lovable leader: This pirate holds a high intellect and empathy for all.

Crafting Sabo’s Look: Key Elements and Styling Tips

  • Top hat: Sabo’s hat serves both a symbolic (reminiscent of classic revolutionary figures) and functional (provides shade and protection) purpose.
  • Coat: His double-breated coat exudes a sense of authority and dominance.
  • Blue Shirt: Underneath the coat, Sabo wears a crisp dress shirt contributing to his polished appearance.
  • Trousers: They are practical for movement and combat, allowing him to be agile and nimble.
  • Boots: Sabo puts on sturdy black boots that are ideal for the rough terrain he traverses.
  • Metal pipe: This pipe is not a mere accessory but adds up to his resourceful image and is employed as a weapon in his combats.
  • Goggles: The blue goggles around his hat are a practical accessory for various situations, such as protecting his eyes from debris or intense light during battles.

“Looks like you’ve gotten stronger, but it’s clearly not enough to beat me!”
“Victory is mine! However, one cannot be careless.”

– Sabo, One Piece

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