Penelope Parker: The Rise of Spider-Kid

Young Hero, Big Heart: Penelope Parker’s Adventures in the Spider-Verse

Spider-Girl Penelope Parker was on a field trip to Osborn Labs’ Science Exhibit, when she was bit by a radioactive spider. Of course, she was utterly disgusted by it and threw away the spider immediately and Flash Thompson, Penelope’s naughty classmate stomped it to death. Penelope, then, started feeling weird and accidentally covered her books with spider webs. She panicked at the thought of being thought of as more of a ‘weirdo’ and a ‘freak’ than she already was, and began rushing back to the bus, but pulled a trash can along with her! She was scared and claimed that she had stepped in gum which was in fact, her webbing. MJ, Penelope’s best friend, helped her get the ‘gum’ off of her shoe. The notorious Flash tried to pull a prank on their teacher, Ms. Kraven and climbed one of the outdoor sculptures, but he lost his balance and began to fall. When Penelope noticed this, she made a make-shift suit out of whatever she could find in her bag. She put on a hoodie, covered her face with a lunch bag and rescued Flash.

Penelope introduced herself to Flash as ‘The Friendly neighborhood Spider Girl.’

Later, Penelope confessed to her aunt May about the entire situation. She was a scared, little girl who thought that her aunt would consider her a weirdo now.
Aunt May comforted her dear Penny and told her that she loved her for who she was. She didn’t care whether she was a spider or an ant, as long as she would help others because she had been gifted with something special. Reassured by what Aunt May had said, Penny was nervous but equally excited now and began sketching ideas for her new superhero outfit! Spider Girl is truly one of the most under-utilized, but one of the most well-written sort of Spiderman to ever walk the face of the comics.

Costume Guide

Although Penelope was petrified and nervous, she found solace in the idea of helping those in need. It is not easy to be bitten by a spider, rescue someone, get stuck to a trashcan and tell your aunt about whatever has happened, all in the span of the same day. Once dearest Aunt May encouraged Penelope, she had a new spark in her, one to lend a helping hand, or should I say – a helping web! If you’re ever looking to cosplay any version of Spiderman, might I suggest Spider Girl! Not only is she a brave and strong eleven year old, but also her suit is something that you can make out of things you can find at home!

Just like Penelope, herself, made a suit out of things she had used in her past.

  • A mask
  • A short sleeved blue t-shirt (preferably with a spider on it; not an actual one)
  • A blue flared skirt that brings out the eleven year old in you
  • Blue tights
  • A red long sleeved t-shirt
  • Long red socks or Leg Warmers
  • A pair of comfortable shoes that you can save the world in!

Most of the elements in this outfit are easily available at home, however if you do not own any part, we are here to guide you and help you transform yourself into Spider Girl!

If you’re not able to find a t-shirt with a spider (not real) on it, you can always wear a plain blue t-shirt. However, if you’re one of the creative ones, you could draw a spider on it!

And finally, any pair of shoes that you find comfortable. With that, you have just assembled yourself the perfect Spider Girl Outfit! One of the most important things while cosplaying any character is how your personality brings them to life. The way you act, the way you move – should also resemble the character.

A few hyperlinks to help you find what the above items:

How is Penelope

  • Be Fearless: It’s no piece of cake for an eleven year old to remain calm after being bitten by a spider. However, Penelope remained cool, even though she was panicking on the inside. So, if something goes wrong, do not panic because it will all be okay.
  • Lend a helping hand: Penelope helped her classmate when he needed to be rescued. Even doing the smallest of things could help someone in need, even a little smile could bring so much joy to someone who needs it.

Even though Penelope believed that she was a weirdo and a freak, she was far from anything like that. She was something special, a gift. A gift that helped so many people in need. Sometimes, we might lose hope and think that we’re worthless, but there is something inside of us that is hidden, that makes us exceptional, that makes us who we are.

Her famous words

“What am I doing?! I can’t help. People will see I’m a freak. I’ll be even more of a social pariah! No… wait… I’m a social pariah because I’m an 11-year-old who uses words like “pariah.” This is just another weirdo thing. I can do this.”

Penelope Parker

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Written by Zahra Farooqui

If not found writing an article, Zahra can be found stopping to pet every single street cat, brewing some coffee, listening to Kun Faya Kun, pondering existentialism or bawling her eyes out to Fleabag. She won't be found finishing her law assignments, something she's actually supposed to be doing.

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