Unmasking Miles Morales: The New Face of Spider-Man

How Marvel’s Diverse Hero is Inspiring a New Generation of Fans

This 13-year-old is hailed as Spider-Man numero deux in the Arab world. Morales, a Brooklyn native resides in Earth-1610 and is a mathophile. After getting bitten by a genetically-altered spider, he encounters several adventures which mold his personality into that of a hero and make him intrepid and tender-hearted.

Peter Parker’s disciple; his equation with his Uncle Aaron aka the Prowler is complicated with both having differing takes on heroism. Yet, Miles shares the same love for music with him, mixing hip-hop beats in the early phase of his life. His additional ability to camouflage himself and the prowess to paralyze anyone with a graze aka ‘Venom Strike’ discern him from his guru, Parker.

Miles’ Demeanor

  • Have a chit-chat with almost anyone: Miles is really sociable and does not hesitate in making the first move with a stranger. Don’t be coy when trying to strike a conversation. 
  • Deflect the victim mindset: He faces several impediments in his journey as a superhero but never does he appreciate receiving pity. Shed the scapegoat mentality and take charge of your life. 
  • Be eager to help: Morales biggest flaw and specialty at the same time is his disinclination to say no to someone in distress. Exploit your powers for good and the world is at your feet.

Cloak Up And Show Up

Miles is not just another Spider-Man, he displays his own personality through his costume which makes him stand out in the Spider-Verse.

  • Spider symbol: The primary element we notice in his costume is the symbol. Also, it has a distinct positioning and design which highlights that Morales is a hero in his own right. 
  • Black-and-red combo: Miles dons the black spidey costume with red tones which honors the legacy he has on his shoulders while providing him with distinctness, style and freshness.
  • The mask: Heroism far outstrips the color of one’s skin, where one belongs and what one has been through. Miles covers his entire face with mask, just like other spidermen to exhibit that irrespective of your identity, you can be a champion. 
  • Streetwear influence: Morales tends to wear a hoodie over his costume to flaunt his roots in Brooklyn. This gives him a relatable feel and offers him a modern look. 

Mile’s dialogues

“With great power comes great responsibility. What would Peter Parker do?”

“I want to join up. I want to be an Ultimate. I’m ready.”

“I’m telling you… you’re right, Ganke. You were totally right. I am Spider-Man.”

Miles Morales, Into the spider verse

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Written by Garima Saini

A self-professed nihilist with a strong affinity for cinema, literature, fashion, music and all things creative (in that order). Being a neophyte at the art of content-writing, I always endeavor to engender meaning through whatever little opportunity I get in this domain. An aspiring director of motion pictures with a knack for observation, I marry it with creative writing to weave words and concoct worlds of fascination.

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