Luffy’s Onigashima Assault: The Battle for Wano Begins

Rise of a Warrior: Witness Luffy’s Epic Clash on Onigashima

An important and compelling aspect of One Piece is Monkey D. Luffy’s adventures in Wano. Luffy, his crew, and their allies are drawn into the battle for Wano, against the tyrannical ruler Kaido and the Beast Pirates who enslave the people of Wano. Luffy demonstrates his development as a pirate and leader throughout the story by forming bonds with powerful characters such as pirate captain Trafalgar Law and samurai Kin’emon. He also has to deal with powerful enemies such as Big Mom, Kaido and his top commanders who are also in Wano, and Orochi. Luffy goes to great lengths to protect Wano from injustice, resulting in spectacular battles and heroic scenes.

Luffy vs Yonko

Luffy goes through a major personality development in Wano. He goes from being a boy to a man, till now in the series Luffy gets looked upon as the younger brother or the clueless idiot captain but through his interaction with Tama – Oda has established that our protagonist has grown up as an older brother or a father figure. The changes in Luffy’s mental and emotional self really defined his character before revealing the Gear 5 form. We see Luffy sit through someone else’s emotional backstory. Wano Luffy actually cared about people’s motivations. Solely putting on Wano Luffy’s outfit is not enough, what is more important is how Wano Luffy’s personality is incorporated.

  • Lend an ear: Be open to listening to people about how they feel about various things. Create a safe space where someone can come talk to you when they are in need.
  • Have a happy-go-lucky attitude: Luffy’s big, goofy grin is what makes him Luffy. Make sure there is one on your face as well and that you are carefree.

Dress up like the samurai Luffy

The Kimono that Luffy wears is a gorgeous red yukata with patchwork of a blue rounded sun on a cyan background and a yellow obi which is a broad sash worn around the waist of a Japanese Kimono. Of course, exactly what you have been looking for – links to the outfits! That’s what we’re here for. The Kimono with the patchwork can be purchased here along with the obi. Another option is this similar Kimono in case the other one runs out of stock because who wouldn’t want to dress up as Wano Luffy in that incredibly gorgeous Kimono!

Luffy is also seen with a straw hat tied around his neck. That could be found here. The hat can be used for your next cosplay as OG Luffy! It is an outfit that is simple, yet beautiful. With the colors contrasting and merging into each other, an outfit truly loved by all cosplayers! We should also be mindful not to dishonor the Kimono as it holds a deep cultural value as well.

Wano arc : Dialogue

Fly that over the land of Wano! Screwing with your friend means screwing with us.


Sore o wano-koku no jōkū ni toba se! Anata no yūjin to funaka ni naru to iu koto wa, watashitachi to funaka ni naru koto o imi shimasu

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