Luffy vs. Kaido: The Epic Showdown on Onigashima

Witness the Clash: Luffy Takes on Kaido in a Battle for Wano’s Future

Onigashima, the island in Wano Country, is very significant. Luffy sets out into Onigashima with his crew in order to take down Kaido, one of the Yonko—the four most formidable pirates in the world. Their mission is to free Wano Country from Kaido and Orochi’s despotic control. We see Luffy to be some sort of a Liberator, throughout, wherever he goes he brings freedom to all.

He visits Onigashima to liberate the island and its people from Kaido. Luffy goes to fight Kaido the day of the fire festival, where Luffy fought Kaido in air as Kaido had raised the island in the air. As Luffy was near death, he was able to awaken his true devil fruit for the first time since the Void Century. Luffy then embodies the form of Sun God Nika.

Our warrior stays the same

Zunesha, the gargantuan elephant, says that Luffy is the reincarnation of JoyBoy as ‘the Drums of Liberation’ is ringing again. It is also foreshadowed that JoyBoy had the Sun God Nika fruit. Luffy is a fearless warrior who wants to help all those in need and help them get justice. 

  • Be fearless: Just like how Luffy fights courageously, we should fight our personal battles, no matter how small or big, with bravery and fearlessness.
  • Radiate Joy: Embrace the character of Luffy with a big, goofy grin on your face.

Cosplay guide

The outfit Luffy wears during the raid in Onigashima is a culmination of his entire journey. It is a combination of all, the original Luffy to the Luffy we see grow and evolve. Luffy’s classic unbuttoned shirt, the bright orange shorts, the purple sash and his exposed scar. This outfit perfectly captures the freshly gained powers by Luffy. The most important part of the attire is the long black coat that Luffy wears over the red shirt. Shanks, his role model, also used to wear a similar long black coat. 

This entire outfit can be found here, from the flashy shorts to the long, black coat. A matching piece can be found here, as well. Don’t forget the straw hat, the signature piece of Luffy’s outfit. With that you have assembled the very outfit Luffy wore while he defeated Kaido. So, put on that outfit, embody Luffy and fight that battle fearlessly.

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Written by Zahra Farooqui

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