Luffy’s Marineford Siege: The Fight to Save Ace

A Brother’s Bond: Luffy’s Epic Battle Against the Marines

A huge battle breaks out at Marine Headquarters between the armies of one of the most powerful pirates in history, Whitebeard, and the Marines under the command of the World Government. The motivation behind the arc is Luffy’s resolve to save Ace, his adopted brother. Luffy charges into danger despite the overwhelming odds and his allies’ warnings. His unwavering devotion and love, as well as his recklessness and stubbornness, are demonstrated by his unwavering focus on saving his brother. Ace loses his life trying to protect his little brother, and is mortally wounded as Akainu’s fist pierces his chest. 

“..Someone like me who is so worthless. Someone with such bad blood in his veins… Thank you… for loving me!”

Portgas D Ace, Marineford

Brother, Dear

Luffy’s courage and fearlessness is what makes him stand out. His yearning to save his brother even though it was a difficult affair makes Luffy, who he is. Embrace the difficult times because they will be over, today or tomorrow, and once they are gone all you will have left will be the lessons they taught you along the way. Fight your battles fearlessly, no matter how big or small. Have faith in yourself and be courageous.

The outfit that Luffy wears in this arc is quite simple. A plain pair of red shorts and a yellow, sleeveless vest. Of course, including his signature straw hat and sandals. If you’re looking to dress up as Luffy but in a more low-key and languid way, Marineford Luffy is your guy! Find the costume here to make sure you can enact Marineford Luffy as best as you can!Most importantly, do not forget the straw hat and the straw sandals as they truly complete the outfit.

The words that echoed

Ace! I’m here to save you!

Monkey D Luffy, Marineford

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