Unveiling Gear 5 Sun God Nika: Monkey D. Luffy’s Epic Evolution into Supreme Power

It’s your time to hear The Drums of Liberation!

Luffy Gear 5 Costume Orbital Outfitters

Joy boy aka Gear 5 form awakened by Monkey D. Luffy allowed him to embody the Sun god Nika. Luffy’s clothes, eyes and hair, all turn white with white clouds going around the neck and between his arms. Luffy’s heartbeats match a rhythm that Zunesha calls “The Drums of Liberation”. The transformation to Sun God Nika, where there is a smile spread across Luffy’s face, electrifying outbursts and white smoke emerging from his body; with light shining on his face and his arms spreading wide open, Luffy leaping to the moon is just ridiculously breathtaking.

Reflecting Luffy in every possible way, Nika is a God who prefers freedom over everything else. Known to be a hero to people in the past, Nika has brought smiles to people’s faces.

Enact Luffy

It is very simple to portray Nika’s personality, all you have to do is be a humorist, laugh as much as you can and be playful with all those around you.

  • Radiate Joy: Be the light that brings a smile to people’s faces.
  • Be Kind: Make sure you’re affable and that everyone around you is safe.
  • Be a Warrior of Liberation: Fight with immense freedom to the best of your abilities and spread joy and freedom.
  • Possess a Body of Rubber: Okay, you can skip this one.

Luffy’s Costume

However, do you know what’s better than having a body of rubber? Wearing Nika’s outfit, that might not give you his powers, but can make you get the attention that he gets! Awaken your inner kind and light hearted Nika with this incredible costume, that includes a pair of white short pants, a white top and a purple belt. This costume also portrays the character of Sun God Nika very well.

Sprinting to the most important part of the costume, the white clouds around Nika’s neck and between his arms. It looks like an item that is very difficult to find but what if I tell you that I have found a way to include that in your outfit, as well?


You can make the clouds out of crumpled up tissue paper like our fellow cosplayer has done here or with polyester fiber that is also the stuffing found inside a teddy bear aka Our Joy Boy, Nika.

With that, you have with yourself a perfect outfit of Sun God Nika that you wear to your next Halloween or Cosplay event! Always embody the personality of Nika by being goofy, kind and glowing with the spirit of a warrior.

Speak like Luffy

Gear Fifth!!
This is my peak!

Koko ga watashi no pikudesu!

Monkey D Luffy, Onigashima
Chapter 1045

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Written by Zahra Farooqui

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