Luffy’s High-Stakes Heist: Adventures in One Piece Film: Gold

Join Luffy’s Crew in a Daring Battle for Treasure and Freedom

The movie takes place in Gran Tesoro, home to the world’s greatest entertainment city. The entertainment city is well-known for its ostentatious displays of luxury and money. Gild Tesoro, the owner, is shown to own the power of Goru Goru no Mi, which is a devil fruit allowing him to control as well as create gold as if it were liquid. Tesoro is depicted as a manipulative and charismatic individual who governs Gran Tesoro like a despot, taking advantage of both the locals and tourists for his personal benefit.


The Straw Hat Pirates arrive at Gran Tesoro which is controlled by the affluent and powerful Gild Tesoro. The Straw Hats are granted a VIP stay by Baccarat, the concierge, where they visit a casino and win a sizable amount. Baccarat, then, escorts them to meet Tesoro, who dares them to a dice game. Tesoro and Baccarat take advantage of Luffy and the Straw Hat Pirates by using Baccarat’s Devil Fruit powers to take away Luffy’s luck which causes them to lose. Tesoro manipulates the gold that was dusted on Zoro upon entry and captures him, threatening to have him put to death if their debt isn’t paid by midnight the next day.

They discover that the majority of the city’s residents are Tesoro’s slaves and work with Carina, Nami’s former acquaintance, to devise a scheme to steal money from the main hotel. Ultimately, the Straw Hat Pirates succeed by defeating Dice, Baccarat and Tanaka, while Luffy uses Gear Four to destroy Tesoro’s golem. Luffy’s fearlessness and willingness to put his life in danger saved Zoro and set the people of Gran Tesoro free. 

Missed the signature grin!

Cosplay Guide

It is, however, difficult to find an assembled outfit that resembles the one in the movie. Nonetheless, there is a way you can dress up as Luffy in the movie Gold for your next halloween or cosplay event. How cool is that! Firstly, you need a pair of white shorts and a white blazer. Kudos if you already own them, but if you don’t, you can get them here;

white shorts
also white shorts
white blazer (men)
white blazer (women)

The most edgy part of the outfit is the shirt, ofcourse. It is a dark blue Hawaiian shirt, with orange colored palm tree outlines. The color scheme is what truly makes the shirt stand out. Another website for the same shirt, because we all want to dress up as Gold Luffy! Accessorizing is what completes an outfit and Luffy just seems to understand that. In the Movie Gold, Luffy wears a golden pearl necklace and his signature straw hat that was given to him by Shanks.

Just dressing up like Luffy isn’t enough, make sure to incorporate his personality as well. One of his many traits that stand out in the movie is loyalty to his friends.

It doesn’t matter who you are. We don’t forgive anyone who messes with our friends!
Anata ga daredearu ka wa kankei arimasen. Tomodachi o ijiru yatsu wa yurusanai!

One Piece Film: Gold, 23 July 2016

About the Director

Hiroaki Miyamoto, in an interview spoke about how the movie has nothing to do with the TV Series, and is a ‘completely new thing made to entertain people.’

He also talked about the time and effort that goes behind animation, with 2000 cuts and 76,000 key animations for One Piece Film Gold. He also mentioned the use of 3DCG mixed with the traditional way of creating animation.

Just like that you can dress up as our beloved Luffy. Sure, some efforts are needed to bring this outfit together and to life, but remember that the most beautiful things in life are the things you  work for. Just like Luffy, who fearlessly fights to bring freedom to the people and to the lands that have been oppressed, and that is just beautiful!

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