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An Impetuous, Plucky Daimyo Who Dances Unclad: Kozuki Oden

From Daimyo to Pirate: Tips, Techniques, and Outfit Essentials for Kozuki Oden

A defiant youth; he performs extreme acts of rebellion, such as going to the Red Light District at 6 and forming a harem at 15 while flaunting immense physical as well as mental strength. When Kozuki rids Kuri of anarchy, he is rightfully made the shogun of the region. Being a go-getter, he is galvanic when it comes to joining the Whitebeard Pirates.

Oden also gets together with Gol D. Roger’s crew and becomes a pivotal part of it by aiding Roger in decoding the Poneglyphs so that he becomes a Pirate King. To its core, he discovers the truth of the world while being a member of the Roger crew. Nonetheless, when he returns to Wano, he witnesses it being under tyrannical rule of Orochi and Kaido which he certainly and vehemently opposes. However, this non-compliance results in him being executed by boiling.

While being an accomplished swordsman, Kozuki exhibits Oden Nitoryu which makes him capable of cutting almost anything. His Busoshosku Haki and Kenbunshoku Haki award him the ability to harden his swords and heighten his senses respectively in order to achieve cataclysmic attacks. Oden’s Paradise Totsuka allows him tp deliver a massive clash by cutting through enormous structures. Moreover, under his Togen Totsuka, he combines his swords in a powerful, precise strike.

Portraying Kozuki Oden: Capturing His Bravery and Leadership

  • Thirst to wander: Oden being desparate to join Whitebeard Pirates and Roger’s crew is a testament to the fact that that he possesses the spirit to travel.
  • Stout-hearted: He is literally boiled in oil yet he doesn’t flinch. That makes him everything that an adamant and mettlesome man is.
  • An enemy of tyranny: Kozuki desires to open Wano’s borders which reflect his itch to mushroom freedom in the country.

Crafting Kozuki Oden’s Look: Key Elements and Styling Tips

  • Face and hair: Oden manifests long, black hair styled in a traditional topknot; common among samurai. With his eyebrows are thick and arched, he displays a strong jawline, giving him a rugged and imposing appearance.
  • Kimono: The orange and red kimono he sports has a simple yet elegant design with an emblem of Kozuki Clan, befitting his noble status.
  • Sandals: Oden dons traditional Japanese wooden sandals known as geta that elevate his stature and complete the traditional samurai look.
  • Swords and sash: The swords have ornate hilts and are integral to his fighting style and identity whereas the sash is practical for securing his kimono and adds to the traditional aesthetic.

“I am Oden! And I was born to boil!!”
“Take me with you, let me see the world!”

– Kozuki Oden, Wano

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