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Becoming the Sweet Commander: Transforming into Katakuri

From Stoic Defender to Formidable Opponent: Tips, Techniques, and Outfit Essentials for Katakuri

This dastardly little Sweet Commander was born on Totto Land, enduring a rough childhood due to his outward appearance. Katakuri possesses a pelican-eel mouth and a sharp set of teeth that he hides behind the scarf. This technique gives him some flair and he begins to adopt this style for the rest of his life. This Minister of Flour becomes the member of Big Mom Pirates, eventually rising above the ranks and adopting the title of a Sweet Commander.

In the Whole Cake Island Arc, Katakuri is given the responsibility to capture Monkey D. Luffy and his crew. His impassioned battle with Luffy occurs in Mirro-World leads him to admire his opponent due to his perseverance and growth as a fighter. Nonetheless, Katakuri is defeated by the Straw Hat Pirate. Also, he realises his rival’s potency to be a future King Pirate.

A consumer of Mochi Mochi no Mi; Katakuri can manipulate mochi and also transform into this sticky, dough-like substance to confound his enemies. He has honed his ability to see a few seconds into the future along with enhancing the perception of his surroundings (Kenbunshoku Haki); can expertly harden the parts of his body, making his attacks absolutely calamitous (Busoshoku Haki). Moreover, this temporary Red-Haired Pirate ally holds superhuman strength and speed while mastering combat artfully.

Portraying Katakuri: Capturing His Strength and Resolve

  • Utter adulation for his adversaries: Not only does Katakuri respect his opponents if they outshine him, he goes so far to injure himself to create some semblance of fairness in the battle.
  • Dedicated to his family: He is extremely devoted to his family, primarily his mother- Big Mom. Going the extra mile to shield his kith and kin, he rarely hesitates to protect his siblings.
  • A villain with a stoic demeanor: Katakuri is unreservedly calm, making his present formidable and generating fear inside his rivals.

Crafting Katakuri’s Look: Key Elements and Styling Tips

  • Scarf: The scarf is a vital part of his identity, as it hides his sharp, intimidating teeth and his large mouth while adding to his enigmatic persona.
  • Vest: His vest is adorned with metal spikes, emphasizing his tough and battle-ready demeanor.
  • Gloves: He sports black gloves, which provide both protection and a better grip in combat.
  • Belt + pants: Katakuri dons black, tight-fitting pants secured by a studded belt with a prominent skull buckle, reinforcing his identity as a high-ranking member of the Big Mom Pirates.
  • Knee Pads: He puts on knee pads with spikes on them for his protection which knowingly adds to his intimidating appearance.
  • Boots: Katakuri’s black boots are sturdy and practical for combat, designed to handle various terrains and emphasize his rugged, warrior-like image.

“Don’t you dare…give unwanted support in a duel between men!!!”
“If you’re going to laugh at that idiot…then laugh at me too…!!!”

– Katakuri, Whole Cake Island

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