Hinata Hyuga: The Byakugan Princess

Transforming into Hinata: Tips, Techniques, and Outfit Essentials

Apprehensive, modest and faint-hearted; Hinata Hyuga caused a discrepancy in Hyuga clan’s bloodline by her meek demeanor. Being the eldest daughter, it was fairly assumed that Hinata would carry the family lineage ahead as the heiress of the clan. However, she was invariably a timid child. Her near-abduction by Kumo-nin, the-then Head-Ninja of Kumogakure, knocked down her already low self-esteem considerably.

Hinata attends the Ninja Academy in the Hidden Leaf Village alongside Naruto and Sasuke. Despite her introverted nature, she depicts perseverance and a strong sense of kindness. During the Chunin Exams arc, Hinata participates in the tournament to prove her worth as a ninja. She faces off against Neji Hyuga, her cousin, and rival. Despite losing the match, she displays tremendous courage and resilience.

Nonetheless, the possible kidnapping, Naruto’s sway, Chunin Exams, nurturing relationships and improved self-worth gave her an impetus to find her strength and be her own savior. Owing to her rigorous training; Hinata flaunts a 360 degree vision (byakugun), possesses advanced chakra control, can inflict internal damage to her opponents by invading their chakra system (gentle fist style) and is capable of nature transformations such as lightning and fire release.


In order to put on her attire, you must appreciate and understand what Hinata is on the inside. 

  • Courteous but diffident: Baby Hinata’s bashful demeanor hinders her from thriving in an environment where she has a lot to deliver on.
  • Transformation to being decisive and firm: Eventually, as she grows up and later bumps into Naruto, she tries to emulate him and adopt his nindo of never yielding on constantly refining her abilities.
  • Intense fidelity and generosity: Overtime, Hinata becomes altruistic and is willing to go all guns blazing in order to protect her loved ones from harm.


  • Modest design: Hinata’s costume design is simple and unembellished which reflect her shy and inhibited nature.
  • Hyuga clan symbol: Her apparel incorporates the Hyuga clan symbol which are exhibited either on the back of her jacket or front of her shirt. This shows her closeness with familial ties.
  • Short hairstyle: She has short hair with bangs at the side which make it convenient for her to exercise her ninja abilities.


  • Lavender domination with white accents: Hinata putting on such a color palette places emphasis on her calm, gentle attributes while the white trimmings give a nod to the traditional Japanese attire.
  • Dark blue pants: She wears this shade of trousers for ease of movement during combat.
  • Hairstyle: Hinata’s emblematic hairstyle features dark blue hair with chin-length bangs that shape her face. She often wears her hair down, with two longer strands that hang on either side.


“Naruto… I Have Always Watched For Many Years. Why? I Don’t Know Why, But Whenever I Look At You… I Feel More Courage Within Me. It Makes Me Feel Like I Can Accomplish Something If I Try… It Makes Me Feel Like I Am Worth Something.”

“…Never… Go Back… On My Word… Because… That’s… My Ninja Way, Too!”

– Hinata Hyuga, Naruto

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