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Exploring the Symbolism and Style of Harley Quinn’s Iconic Look

With a peculiar entry in the film ‘The Suicide Squad’, Harley Quinn gains access into our hearts from the word go. After being caught attacking the junta in the South American country, she is thrown into a pit. Quinn’s romantic entanglement with President Silvio Luna begins and ends in 5 minutes. It’s likely that Dr. Harleen Quinzel needs a psychologist herself to consult regarding her toxic relationships with men.

Armed with an ornately-decorated Colt 1860 Army, this member of the Task Force X shoots her suitor because he was a walking, talking red flag. Quite appealingly, she slaughters every rebel soldier in a rhythmic manner. Gunter Braun’s javelin makes a cameo in SPOILER ALERT executing Starro the Conqueror.

What It Is Like To Be Harley

  • Queen of banter: This femme fatale tickles our funny bone like no other. Having been through a dark past, she contrarily never stops grinning from ear to ear when she is greeting everyone in her vicinity.
  • A true pal: Quinn’s humorous nature is in consonance with her care for her fellow team members. She doesn’t shy away from expressing love and affection for them.
  • Sensitive antiheroine: Her ability to enunciate what she feels is visible in the movie. Harley is tender and vulnerable when talking about her emotions.

Her Sartorial Picks, Among Other Things

  • Dark cosmetics: Her dark hair and makeup emphasize the years bygone in which she’s endured many mishaps. This completely highlights her true nature while giving her a psychotic look.
  • A wealth of tattoos: Daddy’s lil monster and puddin’s property; Quinn is veiled in tattoos that portray her messed-up, histrionic and attention-seeking personality.
  • Red gown with black boots: On the one hand, Harley has donned a gown that is as red as blood- giving her a quirky look; while on the other, she wears black boots that make her movement much more convenient.

Say it like Harley

“When your taste in men is as bad as mine, they don’t just go away quietly. They slash your tires and they kill your dogs and tell you that the music you like ain’t real music at all. And all the cruelty tears you apart after a while.”

“You were real pretty and all. And RIP to that absolutely beautiful monster between your legs. But all in all, I think you’re more pretty like this, with all those rotten thoughts emptied from your head.”

“My mother said to count back again. Ten, nine, eight, seven, six, five, four, three, two, one. Ha, Colonel, beat that!”

“Hey, guys. Sorry I’m late. Had to go number two.”

– Harley Quinn

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