Arkham Knight’s Harley Quinn: Mayhem in the Shadows

How Harley Quinn Brings Chaos and Charisma to the Arkham Series

Psychiatrist-turned-crime lord, Harley Quinn’s persistence in sustaining Joker’s legacy is prominent throughout the game ‘Batman: Arkham Knight’. She partners up with Scarecrow and Arkham Knight to defeat and murder the Dark Knight. Her triumph in abducting several cops and gaining command over a section of Gotham after it gets evacuated is due to Scarecrow’s ultimatum to release new fear toxin in the city. 

Quinn defies Batman’s authority by releasing her henchmen and disrupting law enforcement efforts. Harley’s mighty weapon, a giant mallet, plays a cameo in disturbing the peace in Gotham as well. Irrespective of her union with the two villains, Harley is hellbent on avenging Joker’s death and carrying out her own agenda of creating pandemonium and chaos in the Caped Crusader’s home.

What made her different in Arkham

Harley is a peculiar individual, yet it isn’t tough to imitate her. Take a glance at these eccentricities of her and keep them in mind while cosplaying as Quinn.

  • Delusional thinking: Joker never reciprocated whatever Harley felt for him. Still, owing to her misapprehensions, she continues to believe in devoting her life to one cause- avenging Mr. J’s death.
  • Authoritative: When ‘puddin’ is on his deathbed and could no longer guide his men, Quinn oversees them and assumes full control after his demise. 
  • Cynical Humor: Harley possesses a dark sense of humor and finds violence to be amusing and hilarious.

Her Clothing And Gear + What It Signifies

  • Quintessential harlequin theme: Harley wears a diamond-patterned bodysuit with black and red colors. It indicates her close association with Joker (or according to her, her romance with him).
  • Essence of functionality: Quinn doesn’t step into the battleground without preparation. Her zeal in gaining victory is clearly visible with her fingerless gloves, utility belt and combat boots.
  • Trademark elements: She dons a bold lipstick with white makeup. These components build on her aura as Harley Quinn while offering her oddities and freakishness.

Signature Dialogues

“Listen, if anyone asks about Mistah’ J, tell them he’s fine. No, don’t tell them anything. Well, tell them that you’re not going to talk about it, and then shoot them in the face. OK?”

“Hey, dumb-ass! Yes, you! I want to be left alone. I’m working on a plan, and I need to make sure that it’s the best plan in the world and I can’t do it with you bothering me.”

– Harley Quinn, Arkham Knight (Game)

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