Embodying the Cyborg: Becoming Franky

From Shipwright to Super Hero: Tips, Techniques, and Outfit Essentials for Franky

Franky, also known as ‘Cutty Flam’ was abandoned by his pirate parents and eventually wound up in Water 7, a city known for its shipwrights. Tom, a famed shipwright, took him in along with another orphan, Iceberg. He learnt the art of shipbuilding under the influence of Tom who significantly shaped Cutty Flam’s ideals and skills.

When the World Government attempted to penalize Tom for building the Oro Jackson, Gol D. Roger’s ship, Cutty Flam intervened. In an unfortunate turn of events, he was badly injured by the Sea Train. Cutty Flam utilized his shipbuilding knowledge to rebuild his body from scrap metal, transforming himself into a cyborg. This change was significant, giving him enormous strength while also dramatically altering his look. Following this, he adopted the alias Franky to conceal his history.

Initially, Franky leads the Franky Family, a crew of ship dismantlers and bounty hunters.
He eventually becomes the shipwright for the Straw Hat Pirates, one of the series’ primary crews. The crew required a talented shipwright, and Franky’s desire of building a ship to travel the world fits perfectly with their mission.

Franky’s aim is to create a ship that can sail around the world, which he achieves by building a second state-of-the-art ship for the Straw Hat Pirates, the Thousand Sunny.

‘Cyborg’ Franky’s body is heavily altered to accommodate numerous mechanical parts, giving him enhanced strength allowing him to perform feats far beyond human capability. He can also unleash a burst of fire from his mouth, adding a flame attack to his arsenal. Franky is quite literally a military armored car, with his right arm extending on a chain to deliver powerful punches and his left hand transforming into a cannon.

Portraying Franky: Capturing His Boldness and Inventive Spirit

Franky’s personality adds a lot of color and energy to the Straw Hat Pirates. He is eccentric and flamboyant, confident and self-assured, caring and protective. He is proud of his cyborg body, often showing off his enhancements and modifications he has made to himself. Franky’s creativity and resourcefulness are essential components of his personality. He is a talented engineer and shipwright who is constantly coming up with innovative solutions to issues.

  • Confidence: Demonstrate confidence in all you do. Franky believes in himself and his ability wholeheartedly.
  • Humor: Bring a sense of comedy into your relationships. Franky frequently lightens the atmosphere with jokes and humorous conduct.
  • Kindness: Demonstrate Franky’s compassionate and protective character, particularly toward your loved ones. Be prepared to display loyalty and kindness.

Incorporate Franky’s characteristic exclamations, such as “SUPER!” into your speech frequently. Say it enthusiastically and strike a stance anytime you can.

Crafting Franky’s Look: Key Elements and Styling Tips

Franky’s bold and flamboyant appearance, complete with pompadour hairstyle, Hawaiian shirt, and cybernetic modifications, sets him apart at any cosplay event, creating an absolutely iconic look. His outfit consists of:

  • A bright colored hawaiian shirt
  • Blue/black speedo. If you’re not comfortable with it, shorts can work as an alternative.
  • Star tattoos on the arms
  • A giant, blue wig
  • Sunglasses
  • The iconic arm accessories

If you’re not comfortable with something, we recommend you skip it, because in the end it’s about what makes you comfortable in your own skin.




  • Use some blue body paint to make two giant, blue star tattoos on both arms.




If you’re looking to elevate your Franky outfit even further, you should definitely consider the arm accessories that make up Franky’s machine-hands. You can create the cyborg arms using cardboard or Styrofoam, painting the circles with a red color and the squares with light blue. Don’t miss out on the stars! You can add rivets or screws to make the bracers look more mechanical. Refer to this post for more help.

That makes up the iconic Franky outfit. A spectacular outfit for a truly spectacular character. While remaining true to Franky’s design, there is flexibility for personal expression and creative tweaks. You can add unique pieces or tailor his appearance to your preferences while retaining his essential characteristics. In the end, it’s about having fun with the character and its outfit, bringing it to life and creating memories.

“But no matter what kind of weapons you may hold, just being alive isn’t a sin!”


`Demo, don’na buki o motte ite mo, ikite iru dake de tsumi wa nai nda yo!’

– Franky, One Piece

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