Ezekiel Sims: The Mysterious Mentor of the Spider-Verse

Ancient Secrets and New Beginnings: Unraveling the Legend of Ezekiel Sims

Ezekiel Sims, the villain of Madame Web, made a tremendous impression when he wore a dark rendition of the traditional Spider-Man outfit. In addition, he was not at all like the Ezekiel Sims from the first Marvel comics. In the Marvel Comics, Ezekiel is shown to have received Spider-Totem powers through a mysterious ritual. These powers that are similar to those of Spiderman, give him superhuman strength, speed, stamina and even the ability to attach himself to surfaces.

In addition to that, Ezekiel had guided and trained Cindy Moon, aka Silk, in her use of her powers. Peter was approached by Ezekiel to warn him about Morlun, a vampire-like creature that thrived on the life force of anyone possessing animal abilities. Ezekiel questioned Peter’s understanding of his abilities, questioning how he knew radiation was the source of his capabilities. Eventually, he disclosed that his connection to the spider god Anansi was the source of his abilities.

Madame Web

The Ezekiel Sims of Madame Web is thoroughly different from the one depicted in the comics and is portrayed to be clearly villainous. He also wears a costume, while the comic book Ezekiel was not shown wearing any costume but a suit with a green dress shirt. He is also said to be an amalgamation of Morlun and Ezekiel from the comics.

The outfit that Ezekiel is shown wearing is also known as the ‘Evil Spiderman Suit’. Pretty cool, right? It is an all-black jumpsuit with red lines depicting spider webs all over it.
It is definitely the perfect cosplay option if you’re looking to dress up as a super cool bad-but-not-so-bad guy, and which is why we’re here to help you transform yourself into Ezekiel ‘Zeke’ Sims!
Here are some places where you can purchase the cool, villainous outfit-

His Dialogues

“ Give me a chance! Just give me a chance!”

This was Ezekiel to Cassandra Webb, but it’s also us pleading you to give this cosplay costume a try!

“I can help you with that spider. You know, I’m something of a scientist myself.”

Ezekiel Sims

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